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Cream and Powder: How to Layer

Today, I will be talking about how to layer cream and powder products. A lot of what applies to cream products, also applies to how to handle liquid products. This is a very important part of the makeup application process. It is based in what texture you want your face to look and feel like.

The number one thing you can take from this post is that cream products go on top of powder products. If you do this the other way around, the cream will stick to the powder, and it will look patchy. It may also emphasize dry spots. Applying powder over cream products sets the cream, as well as creating a smooth layer on top of it. It is good to use a mattifying powder, for your oily spots, as this will act as a barrier between the two products. It will also temporarily reduce oil production. For dry spots, using a radiant cream product with an almost creamy feeling powder will cover them up, and create a radiant complexion.

An example for a foundation application routine:

-apply a serum or moisturizer( make sure it is one that doesn’t cake under foundation) first or both depending on your preferences, then apply a primer for smoothing out the face and creating an even canvas for your cream (or liquid) foundation or tinted moisturizer, then apply a foundation powder or finishing powder with a smooth, buttery texture, something without fallout so you know it will blend easily into the face, and finally, if you oily skin or patches, or just like a matte finish, apply a mattifying powder, translucent or pigmented, your choice. Also, if you use concealer, set it with powder, and if you want to highlight under your eyes, use a radiant powder.

This will create a longlasting canvas for your makeup, and will have a gorgeous, smooth texture.

An example for applying blush:

-after you have done your full face, apart from the mattifying powder, apply your cream blush either right on your cheek bones, or on the apples of your cheeks and blended outwards, then apply a powder blush on top of a similar or same shade, to set it, as well as to intensify the blush.Then apply your f mattifying powder on top to set and mattify it if you like

I hope these tips were helpful. Thanks for reading ­čÖé
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Finding Your Comfort In Bold Lips

IMG_4359IMG_4349IMG_4314 IMG_3866

This post will be about finding ways to feel comfortable wearing bold lips in one’s everyday life. This post was inspired by Amanda of amandarobots.

So, I am a huge fan of bold lipsticks. I think they can really complete a look. Whether I’m wearing a full face, or just a little blush, bold lips give every look that little something extra. I don’t wear them every day, but most days that I wear lipstick, chances are it will be bold.

Bold lipsticks can be really intimidating to wear for many. I know it’s taken me a while to get used to them. They are worn on one of the most prominent features of the face, pretty much in the centre. Even with a subtle lipstick, it will be more noticeable than many other kinds of makeup.

Bold lipsticks can be really intimidating to wear for many. I know it’s taken me a while to get used to them. When you’re first getting into bold, or just more bright lips, it’s important to start slow. One thing that can work really well is just wearing an opaque lip gloss. The idea of lipgloss just feels more simple. I wore lipgloss before lipstick when I was younger. It is a stepping stone to lipstick for many. One has more control in application of a lipgloss. The Revlon Super Lustrous lip glosses are a great option, as they are highly pigmented, opaque, and not too sticky. They do not fade either.

Another thing to consider is wearing a lip liner all over your lips. It makes a great matte option, and is easy to apply as long as you follow the lines of your lips.

Wearing a neutral toned outfit and minimal makeup can make your bold lipstick the centre of your look. This can make it so you don’t feel you’re putting yourself in the spotlight too much. Another tip is to find a formula that works for you. One that you love. Choose one that you have neutral or softer shades in, so that you can get used to the formula, and feel more comfortable in it. Then, when you are ready to bolden it up, choose a a bright version of that shade, and in that formula. It’s a way to ease yourself into that gorgeous, bold lipstick, without feeling the lipstick on your lips too much.

You want something that is non drying, possibly hydrating, and either a matte and cream finish. Those are the best for emphasizing the shade the most, and also are the longest lasting formulas. You don’t want to mess up your lipstick, as it will look messy, and possibly stain below your lips, particularly with a bold shade.

You can see some of the ways I wear bold lips, in the photos above. I take a lot of selfies, and that in itself, is a form of self care. It makes me feel better, or just even able to function, when I take a selfie. it validates my look, and myself, and how I want to express myself. Never feel ashamed for taking selfies. If people are criticizing them, that’s pretty disrespectful, especially when you’re putting yourself out there. Do it for you.

Some great bold lipstick options are matte. NYX soft matte lip creams apply wet, and dry to a matte finish. They smell like vanilla frosting, and don’t feel overly drying for at least 4 hours. They last 5-6 hours, before fading. They come with a doe foot applicator, so you can apply them like you would a lipgloss. A more pricey option are the Mac matte and retro matte lipsticks. The matte ones are creamy as far as matte lipsticks go, and slide on quite well. They last very well throughout the day. I recommend wearing a lipliner underneath them, to add staying power. The retro mattes last for hours, as they are the most matte lipsticks I have ever tried. These I also recommend wearing a lipliner with. The Revlon matte lipsticks are similar to the Mac matte ones, and they are cheaper. They are fairly creamy, though I recommend wearing a decent lip balm under them to create a more even application.

Some cream lipstick options are the Rimmel London Kate lipsticks. These are highly pigmented, opaque, and last very well through eating and drinking. They are non drying, and perfect for a starter bold lipstick. UI highly recommend them. Both NYC and Wet “N” Wild lipsticks are very pigmented, emollient type formulas, and last fairly well through eating and drinking, These do not stay within the lip lines as well, so it is advised to wear a lipliner under them. The Mac amplified cremes are my favourite lipstick formula. You simply cannot go wrong with these opaque, highly pigmented, creamy, and long lasting beauties. They leave a beautiful even stain behind.

Making sure you are feeling the lipstick on any given day is important. Go with the environment you’re in, and the mood you’re feeling. If it’s a school day, you can never go wrong with a classic, blue based, red lipstick. If you’re going to a party, try something fun, like a bright lavender, or a fuchsia pink. If you’re going out, a vampy, burgundy or purple is a great option.

Don’t push yourself to go bold, if you’re not feeling it. Try it on a day where you’re feeling good, so you feel a bit better.

Bold lipsticks can also be a form of self care. Whether I’m sitting on my bed, or going to school, I love to wear a bold lipstick. It makes me look more intense, even if I’m feeling low. There’s something very relaxing about applying lipstick carefully, and with as much precision as you can manage. If you don’t apply it perfectly. Don’t worry. You can always wipe away the excess, or draw a lip liner around your lips. Find your you in a lipstick, and use it.

Doing a bold lipstick is for you, and nobody else (unless you want it to be). It is a big thing, especially as a femme to embrace my over the top, excessive lipsticks. I used to be really nervous wearing lipstick at all, feeling “too feminine”. There is no such thing. Also, wearing makeup isn’t inherently feminine, masculine, or anything inbetween. It’s what you want it to be. I love being too much, and embracing what others look down upon. It’s for me, and that is a good thing.

I think the thing you can take away from this is find a formula you like, build up to a bold shade slowly, and do it for you.

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Revlon coral reef cream blush review

Photo on 2014-04-23 at 2.53 PM #2 Photo on 2014-04-23 at 2.53 PM Photo on 2014-04-23 at 2.55 PM

Revlon coral reef blush is a bright coral toned cream blush. It comes in a small tub, but one does not need a lot of product to amp up this look. It works as both a blush, and a lipstick. It is surprisingly moisturizing on the lips. It can be used to slightly flush out the cheeks, or for contouring. I recommend this blush as a budget friendly alternative to some of the higher end cream blushes that do the same job, though I do think revlon’s take is more pigmented than others I’ve tried. Multitasking products such as this are a great cosmetic bag ┬áspace saver. Overall, I recommend this blush as an affordable alternative, with multitasking capabilities.