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PCOS, what it is, self care and how I cope.

I decided to write this post because I have PCOS, it is something that I feel doesn’t get talked about enough, and hopefully it will helps some who have it, or can look into a diagnosis.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, otherwise known as PCOS, is a chronic condition that can affect one’s hormones and can cause infertility. Many people who have PCOS, have cysts on their ovaries. I won’t go too much into the symptoms as they vary greatly, but some more commons ones are infrequent menstrual cycles, weight changes, and hair growth or loss. PCOS can occur in people of all genders.

It’s important to know that what works for me, may not work for you and vice versa. of the things I do to cope with my PCOS is, when I am having issues with particularly bad cramps, putting a weighted, hot, fabric heat pack around my neck or on my stomach. It helps me relax, and relieves some of the pain for me.

I try to keep track of my menstrual cycle, so I can know when certain things will flare up.It is very infrequent, though I find I get phantom cramps (times when I’m not on my cycle, but I’m getting cramps anyway). I try to keep my doctor in the know, so she can help treat me. She recently gave me a painkiller for my cramps, which may be a viable option for some.

Self care is vital for me to feel good in myself, and to help me cope with my symptoms. I drink tea, which also helps relax me, and is a good form of self care for me. I watch netflix, to distract myself. I try out makeup looks on myself, to focus on something that makes me feel in control, even when my body is not. It also helps reaffirm my personal femme feelings and identity.

It is not always easy, and finding resources and community is a good way of finding support. Support websites and online communities can be really helpful, especially when it is not always possible to go out.

The symptoms are not always visible, which can lead to a lack of understanding and/or disbelief in the condition. I think it is important for people, as allies, to listen, not judge,support them if they want that, and to take the person at their word, instead of making obscure, unhelpful suggestions, when they don’t experience those things themselves if someone tells them they have PCOS, or any illness, chronic condition, disability, or mental illness, for that matter.

I really hope this has been helpful, and/or educational. If you have any questions, or want to talk about your personal experiences, I encourage you to share in the comments if you feel comfortable. Starting a conversation is also part of why I wrote this post.