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10 Techniques I learned in 2014

Hey All, Hope you had a happy new year! Today, I’ll be posting a quick list of new and/or improved techniques I learned in the year 2014. It’s been a huge year of growth in terms of my technique, what brushes I use for different tasks, and what products work best with my skin. With that said, here’s my list:

1. contouring and highlighting: This was the year I learned to sculpt and chisel my face into something less oval and round and a bit more angled.

2. blush application: I improved upon my blush application in terms of more blending and the idea that blush can also be used to shape the face in and of itself.

3.blending eyeshadow: I can now blend eyeshadow into a perfectly cohesive look that is much more polished.

4. defining the crease: I’ve learned to define my crease which creates a lot more depth when using a darker shade, preferably a matte brown.

5. using eyeshadow as eyeliner: I’ve learned to create a smokey eye without emphasizing my under circles.

6. brows: I’ve learned how to fill in my brows with brow powder and an angled brush, and even use a spoolie occasionally. I have naturally intense brows, and I just like to add some extra emphasis for a more bold yet still natural look.

7. beauty blender: I’ve learned to use my beauty blender knockoff from quo ($5) to create a an airbrushed look for concealer and foundation. Though I have foundation I generally just use powder now, it is a good skill to have.

8. packing on eyeshadow: I’ve learned to pack on shadow which means I waste less product and can create a bolder look.

9. lipstick application: I’ve learned to apply lipstick in a near perfect fashion, and have learned less is more, and you don’t need to use it bold over the entire lips.

10. powder application: I’ve learned to apply powder to targeted areas where they are needed and that a light dusting is all I need.

There you have it, my 10 techniques I learned in 2014. Hope you enjoyed this list, and please comment below a new technique you learned in the past year.



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