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Cream and Powder: How to Layer

Today, I will be talking about how to layer cream and powder products. A lot of what applies to cream products, also applies to how to handle liquid products. This is a very important part of the makeup application process. It is based in what texture you want your face to look and feel like.

The number one thing you can take from this post is that cream products go on top of powder products. If you do this the other way around, the cream will stick to the powder, and it will look patchy. It may also emphasize dry spots. Applying powder over cream products sets the cream, as well as creating a smooth layer on top of it. It is good to use a mattifying powder, for your oily spots, as this will act as a barrier between the two products. It will also temporarily reduce oil production. For dry spots, using a radiant cream product with an almost creamy feeling powder will cover them up, and create a radiant complexion.

An example for a foundation application routine:

-apply a serum or moisturizer( make sure it is one that doesn’t cake under foundation) first or both depending on your preferences, then apply a primer for smoothing out the face and creating an even canvas for your cream (or liquid) foundation or tinted moisturizer, then apply a foundation powder or finishing powder with a smooth, buttery texture, something without fallout so you know it will blend easily into the face, and finally, if you oily skin or patches, or just like a matte finish, apply a mattifying powder, translucent or pigmented, your choice. Also, if you use concealer, set it with powder, and if you want to highlight under your eyes, use a radiant powder.

This will create a longlasting canvas for your makeup, and will have a gorgeous, smooth texture.

An example for applying blush:

-after you have done your full face, apart from the mattifying powder, apply your cream blush either right on your cheek bones, or on the apples of your cheeks and blended outwards, then apply a powder blush on top of a similar or same shade, to set it, as well as to intensify the blush.Then apply your f mattifying powder on top to set and mattify it if you like

I hope these tips were helpful. Thanks for reading 🙂
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