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Coordinated Color Combo Looks

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This is a series I’ve been meaning to start for ages. It will be focused on color coordinated combo looks. Sometimes, I will be using matching products, and sometimes I will be using ones that are variations on the same color. Today’s post will be featuring pastel lilacs.

For today’s look, I used the Maybelline New York colorshow nail polish in lust for lilac on my nails. For my lips, I used Mac’s saint germain lipstick in the amplified creme formula.

Lust for lilac, is just that, a lilac pink, that is of a medium brightness, with some pastel flair. It is a cream based nail polish, that takes about two coats to apply evenly and opaquely. It lasts about five days with a top coat. It comes with .7 ml of product in a clear glass bottle with a black plastic lid. This is a great nail polish for summer, and pastels are in right now, if that matters to you.

Mac saint germain is a gorgeous cream based lipstick, that needs to be layered up a bit to get opaque coverage, and I find that is because it doesn’t agree with dry lips.It has Mac’s signature vanilla cake scent. It is a pastel pink with a hint of lilac. It is a bit glossy, but creamy more than anything in finish. it is highly pigmented, and definitely a statement lipstick.

If you are into pastels, this look is for you! It’s fun and bold, and a little bit different. This nail polish and lipstick combo is uniform in texture and related in pigment. It is perfect for a quirky tea party or a day at the beach. I highly recommend this combo. I love this combo, as I’m a huge lilac, lavender and pastel lover. I’ve just been super into thosw colors lately, makeup wise.

Mac saint germain costs $19 at Mac stores, and Maybelline lust for lilac ranges in cost from $4 to $10.

I hope this post was enjoyable for you, and that you let me know your fave nail polish
and lipstick combos in the comments.

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