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Mac Dodgy Girl Kelly Collection Lipstick Review


Mac dodgy girl from the Kelly Osbourne Collection is a limited edition lipstick. It is officially a matte, but in reality, it is more of a satin matte. It is smoother to apply, then other mac matte lipsticks. It applies evenly easily, and has opaque coverage. When it fades, it leaves an even stain behind. It does not last well through eating and drinking. It lasted about 3 hours, before fading. It is a cool toned light lavender. I’ve been searching for the perfect light lavender lipstick, and this is it. It is so lavender. The packaging is lavender, the product is lavender, the only thing not lavender about it is its scent. That would be awesome if it smelled like lavender. As a side note, it smells like vanilla cake, as do all mac lip products. I found a cream based dupe for Mac dodgy girl at Rexall, from the Emani brand called temptress. I will hopefully be reviewing that lipstick in the future, and doing a comparison post.It is very wearable, as far as being a bit of an unusual look. If you are looking for a lavender lipstick, I highly recommend mac dodgy girl.


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  1. I’m glad you reviewed this. It isn’t a colour I’d be confident wearing, but it looks phenomenal on you! 🙂


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