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My 5 Non Beauty Faves

Photo on 2014-06-30 at 4.38 PM

This will be a list of my ¬†5 non beauty faves, and short descriptions of what I like about them. I hope you enjoy, and maybe let me know some of your non beauty faves in the comments ūüôā

This will be a list of my non beauty faves, and short descriptions of what I like about them. I hope you enjoy, and maybe let me know some of your non beauty faves in the comments ūüôā

1. ihome stereo speaker system: This is a small, purple speaker that I plug into my computer. It helps with the sound quality of whatever I’m watching, whether that be a youtube video or netflix. I find that some shows have very low volumes, so this helps counteract that. This was a gift from my aunt, quite a while back. I rediscovered it a while back, as when I first got it, I honestly had no idea how to use it.

2. ¬†big mugs for coffee and tea: There has been a steady stream of large mugs coming into the kitchen lately. I love them because they feel nice to hold, are very nice to relax with, and just hold a lot of liquid. A couple I like are purple and green one with the letter B on it, which acts as a monogram for my name. Also, doesn’t that make you think of the letter of the day on both sesame street and between the lions, two shows from my childhood. Though I still watch them occasionally, because nostalgia is a thing. The other one I really like is a local radio station’s mug that I won when I was at a holiday parade one year.

3. everything floral: I love floral patterned dresses and flora lpatterned headbands. They are perfect for the summer. They look so cute, and go with many looks. I’ve definitely been a floral femme lately. I’ve been on the lookout for a cute sunflower sun dress, but am yet to find one.

4. a blue velvet chair: This little chair is adorable, and I usually sit on it for when I do my youtube videos. It is a curly metal back, and a blue velvet seat. It feels very glamorous.

5. A green plant pot which I got from the remains of a garage sale: This one is sort of cheating as I plan to use it for holding my makeup brushes. However, in ¬†itself, it isn’t a beauty related item, though I do love sunflowers and daisies.

And there you have it. My 5 non beauty faves. I hope you enjoyed this. Please like and subscribe.

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My Revlon Lip Product Collection

I’ve decided to do my videos on a weekly basis every friday. Today’s video will be featuring my Revlon lip product collection including super lustrous cream and matte lipsticks, a lone lip butter, and a couple colorburst lipglosses. I will be talking about the various formulas, and mentioning some Mac and Rimmel London dupes of the products I own. With that in mind, I hope you enjoy my video as much as I enjoyed making it. I really appreciate every single one of my viewers, and it’s such a privilege to be able to put something out there, that could potentially be helpful or entertaining to folks. Also, please let me know if you want a tutorial of the look I did for this video.

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Revlon Colorburst Lipglosses in fire and sunset peach
Revlon Lip Butter in gumdrop
Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipsticks in pink pout, stormy pink, mauve it over, and really red
Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick in fire and ice

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in light
L’oreal Paris Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara in blackest black
From my Smashbox MasterClass Palette 2:
Blush in carnation
Bronzer for contouring in suntan
Cream Eyeliner in caviar
Eyeshadow in dusk, haze, rose, amethyst, and anchor
Soft Lights Highlighter in shimmer
Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in fire

Please check out my post on the Rimmel London Longlasting Lipstick in 110

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My Highlighter Collection: cream, powder and liquid

benefit watt's up soft focus highlighter for face

benefit watt’s up soft focus highlighter for face

L'oreal Paris MagicLumi concealer in light

L’oreal Paris MagicLumi concealer in light

Smashbox soft lights in shimmer from the Smashbox masterclass palette 2

Smashbox soft lights in shimmer from the Smashbox masterclass palette 2

Smashbox Lens from the Smashbox masterclass palette 2

Smashbox soft lights in Lens from the Smashbox masterclass palette 2


Maybelline color tattoo metal by eyestudio 24hr eyeshadow in barely branded

Maybelline color tattoo metal by eyestudio 24hr eyeshadow in barely branded

brow bone highlight from the Ardell brow defining kit

brow bone highlight from the Ardell brow defining kit

the Balm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer AKA "The Luminizer"

the Balm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer AKA “The Luminizer”

Shade 1 from Revlon colorstay 16 hour eyeshadow quad in inspired

Shade 1 from Revlon colorstay 16 hour eyeshadow quad in inspired

Strange from the Urban Decay naked 3 palette

Strange from the Urban Decay naked 3 palette



This will be a post on highlighters in cream, powder, and liquid formulas. It will be fairly extensive, as this is my whole highlighter collection. ¬†I will be talking about the ways that they work best for me, and I think some of them work better on the face, and some work better on the eyes. Of course, I encourage you to use them the way that works best for you. Also, some of these are more budget friendly than others, so¬†hopefully you’ll find an option that works best for you in that aspect.


This is one of two cream highlighters I own, ¬†and it works like a charm. It is the Benefit watt’s up soft focus highlighter for face. I got mine from sephora in the birthday gift sephora beauty insiders receive. It comes in a small, metal lipstick like tube with pictures of light bulbs on it. It is rather cute. It is a cream stick formula. You get 2.5 grams of product. The full size one is much bigger. I use this on the tops of my cheekbones.I also use it in an upside down triangle shape,and blend it in to highlight under my eyes. ¬†It leaves a gorgeous, bronzey champagne coloured, slightly metallic sheen. This is a great cream highlighter option due to it’s even pigmentation, and it does not emphasize pores.

The second cream highlighter I own is the Maybelline color metal tattoo by eyestudio 24 hr eyeshadow in barely branded. It comes in a little glass jar, weighing in at 4 grams. It is a decent amount of product, and has lasted me a very long time. From what ¬†have heard in the beauty community, it is comparable in formula to the Mac paint pots. This is a much more budget friendly option, as these can run anywhere from $2 to $10. The highest still being significantly cheaper than its Mac counterpart. It is a true champagne, colour with micro sparkles in it. It is easily built up.Another thing to know about this highlighter is that the tattoo name is accurate, it takes a really good makeup remover to remove it. ¬†It can be used as a brow bone highlight, all over the lid, as a base for your eyeshadow, used in the inner corner of your eye, and as an eyeliner. It is extremely versatile, as my use for it on the eye is seemingly endless. This is one of those products that I recommend to everyone I know, as it is such a staple in my kit. This is made for the eyes, so I’m not sure how it would fare on the face.


The first powder highlighter I will be talking about is the eyeshadow strange from my Urban Decay naked 3 palette. It is a buttery smooth very softt pink eyeshadow with yellow undertones and micro sparkles.It weighs 1.3 grams. I use it to highlight my brow bone, all over the lid, on the inner corners of my eyes, and just as part of any given eyeshadow look. It is easy to work with, and there are numerous dupes out there for this kind of highlighter.

The second powder highlighter I will be talking about is shade 1 from the Revlon colorstay 16 hour eyeshadow quad in Inspired. This is another light champagne colour with micro sparkles. It is perfect for the inner corners of the eye, or as a brow bone highlight. This is not as pigmented as some other eyeshadows I have tried, but this palette in general, is good for layering with other eyeshadows, or on top of the Maybelline 24 hr color tattoos.

The third powder highlighter I will be mentioning is the brow bone highlight shade from the Ardell brow defining kit. I use it exclusively for highlighting my brow bone. It is a very subtle champagne colour with micro sparkles. The subtleness of it works well for the brow bone, as I personally am looking for that feature in my brow bone highlight. I’m guessing it could probably be used on the eyes. ¬†I got this kit at Marshall’s on sale, but they are also sold at London Drugs.

The fourth powder highlighter I will be talking about is the Balm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer AKA “The Luminizer”. This highlighter is a gorgeous champagne buttery smooth champagne colour with a metallic sheen to it.I wear it on the tops of my cheekbones, and on my eyes. It comes in a 8.5 gram mirrored compact. ¬†Unfortunately, it emphasizes my pores and irritates my skin. However, it doesn’t irritate my eyes, even when applied all over my eyelids. Therefore, I would only recommend it for the eyes.

The fifth highlighter I will be talking about is the NYC Color Wheel mosaic face powder in translucent highlighter glow. You get 9 grams of product. ¬†This highlighter is a very affordable option that comes in a plastic compact with a removable lid, very similar to that of the Rimmel London stay matte powder.It doesn’t emphasize my pores. ¬†It is several colours mixed together. It is a pretty subtle beigey slightly sparkly colour. I wear it on the tops of my cheekbones, and it is slightly irritating to my skin. I would recommend this if you don’t have sensitive skin, or just wanna see how it goes.

The sixth powder highlighter I will be talking about is soft lights in lens from the Smashbox the masterclass palette 2, though it can also be bought as a standalone product. It comes with 10 grams of product. It is very pigmented. It feels buttery. It is a pinky peach shade with some glitter, and it has a lot of fallout.It doesn’t emphasize my pores. ¬†However, it is a gorgeous colour and could be used as a blush or highlight. I usually use it on the tops of my cheekbones. It is a good deal when bought in the palette, but fairly expensive, when bought on its own.

The seventh and final powder highlighter I will be talking about is soft lights in shimmer, also from the Smashbox masterclass palette 2. It comes with 10 grams of product. It has good pigmentation. ¬†It can also be bought on its own in a compact. It feels buttery, ¬†and has a pinkish champagne colour. It has a lot of fallout.It doesn’t emphasize my pores. ¬†It would recommend these, but they are on the pricier side.


I’ve gotten to my last, but certainly not least highlighter, which is my only one with a liquid formula. It is the L’oreal Paris MagicLumi concealer in light. It comes in a click pen, and has 0.05 fluid ounces of product. I use this as a highlighting concealer under my eyes in an upside down triangle shape blended in, and as a base for my eyeshadows. It could probably also be used as a face highlighter. It is a lightweight formula that dries down matte. It is very blendable. This was fairly pricey for a drugstore highlighter. I recommend it if you can find multiple uses for it.

This was a long post, and if you got to the end, thanks so much. I hope you enjoyed my post on highlighters, and took something away from it.

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Blistex DCT spf 20 Lip Balm Review

Photo on 2014-06-25 at 7.36 PMPhoto on 2014-06-25 at 7.36 PMPhoto on 2014-06-25 at 7.37 PM

Today, I will be doing a review on the Blistex DCT spf 20 lip balm. This is a product that I’ve been using since I was a kid, and I’m surprised it doesn’t get talked about more in the beauty blogger/youtuber community.It’s one that my mum and I both use, and though the smell is a bit off putting, it works really well. In the winter, this stuff works great on dry and/or chapped lips. ¬†It has a decent spf for a lip balm, and comes in a little 7 gram tub. The DCT stands for daily conditioning treatment, which is pretty self explanatory. Basically, one should use it every day. It glides on easily, and has a menthol and ¬†vanilla sort of scent. If you look at the pictures above, the first one shows my plain¬†lips, the second shows me wearing the blistex, and the third shows me wearing blistex underneath my revlon stormy pink matte lipstick. It keeps the matte texture of the lipstick intact, whilst helping the lipstick glide on evenly,¬†whereas the coverage of the lipstick is less even when worn on its own. I wouldn’t quite put this at hg level, but it’s pretty close. This is a great lip balm, or those who don’t find tub packaging, want something that has spf, and need something that keeps the matte lipstick ¬†formula intact.

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My June Favourites


This will be the first post of many, in my monthly favourites series.

1. Cathy Van Zeeland Purse: This purse is a white, faux leather, studded purse that I got at the winners in Ottawa a few years back. It can hold quite a few necessities in it. This is the purse I’ve using lately. It can be worn with one strap or doubled up, like the Chanel 2.55 purses. It has two pockets in it, perfect for storing my cell phone and various cards. It has a striped, ¬†mustard yellow and olive green interior. There is a zippered pocket on the inside and outside. It closes with a metal snap button. I’d definitely recommend checking out the Cathy Van Zeeland brand and/or your local winners.

2. Neutrogena All-In-One Make-Up Removing Cleansing Wipes: These are decent on my sensitive skin, and remove my face and eye makeup fairly well, apart from my mascara. They are sold in bulk at Costco. I prefer these to the Kirkland Signature makeup removing wipes, as those sting my eyes and irritate my skin. They are really cheap though.

3. Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting serum: This is a serum I use as a primer. It smells like Tresemme ¬†hair products. It sinks into my skin quickly. It also has some decent anti aging products, which I guess are more preventative in my case. It comes with a pump built in, which I generally prefer for any liquid skincare and makeup. Costco did sell this serum, but I’m not sure if they still do.

3. Revlon Colorburst Lipglosses in fire and sunset peach: These are a rediscovered product for me.These are super highly pigmented, especially for lip glosses. They work well on their own, or over a lipliner or lipstick. I have two, one in sunset peach, a shimmery peach shade, and fire, a bright yellow based red. These look like super glossy lipsticks. The darker shades are more opaque, but all of them have very even coverage. These have a really nice, wide doe foot applicator, and one swipe of gloss is plenty. You don’t even have to dip back into the tube. I got mine at London Drugs on sale.

4. Almay intense i-color powder shadow for blue eyes: This is another rediscovered product of mine. This is one of the highest pigmented drugstore eyeshadow palettes I have tried, and I have tried many. These go on smooth, and take little effort to blend. This particular one comes with a light blue shade, a dark blue shade, and a burgundy shade.  These are a great starter palette for anyone new to makeup. You can find these at most drugstores.

5. Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal 24 hr Eyeshadow By Eyestudio in barely branded: This is a limited edition cream eyeshadow that keeps getting repromoted in new collections. It is a champagne shade with a sheen to it. It works great as an eyeshadow base, for lighting, or all over the lid. They are often compared to the Mac paint pots, which I am yet to try. These range from $2 to $10, depending where you shop. They can be found at most drugstores. These are a great staple for any beauty lover.

6. Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Empire: This shadow pencil, which I use as an eyeliner on my lower lash line, glides on smooth, and leaves a nice pigmented line. The one issue with these, is that they fade within an hour or two. But then, I just have a smokey eye look afterwards. This is my favourite eyeliner just because it is so easy to apply.

7. Nars blush in Orgasm: This is a cult favourite in the beauty world. It looks good on so many people. It is a peachy pink shade with micro glitter in it, though on the face it just shimmers. It doesn’t emphasize pores, and lasts for hours. It is subtle, but very buildable. I absolutely adore the ¬†Nars signature rubberized, matte packaging. It comes with a built in mirror, which is handy for touch-ups on the go. I wear this blush almost every¬†day. I got it at Sephora, and you can also find Nars products at The Bay.

8. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire and Ice: This is a classic,, bright, ¬†yellow based, red lipstick. This lipstick came out in 1952. It is iconic, and classic in style. It is highly pigmented, as are most of the revlon creme lipsticks in the super lustrous formula. Revlon makes amazing red lipsticks. I highly recommend their matte lipstick in really red, which is a decent dupe for Mac’s ruby woo, but a bit less matte and less drying. This is a staple for those who love red lipsticks.

9. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette: This is my first Urban Decay palette, and it has become my hg (holy grail). It is so versatile, full of rose golds and bronzey shades. Some of the shades have some fallout. I highly recommend it for those looking for a versatile palette. It works amazing for night and day looks, with a range of dark and light, shimmer, glitter, metallic, and matte shades. The palette is a rose gold looking tin, with a built in mirror. it even comes with an incredible double ended brush. I usually don’t like dual ended brushes, but this is the exception. It is a fluffy, blending brush on one end, and a small, shader brush on the other. These shadows ar buttery smooth, and super pigmented. I bought this at Sephora during a beauty insider sale.

10. Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light: This is my current favourite standalone powder, and finishing powder. It is lightweight, and feels soft to the touch. It definitely has some fallout. I wear it over my olay serum, or on top of my foundation. It feels nice on my skin, and doesn’t emphasize my pores. It is lasting me so long, and I can’t wait to buy another with the new packaging as it now includes a mirror, and mine is just a mirrorless compact.

11. Ardene’s flower patterned headbands: I have been really getting into headbands lately. Most exacerbate my chronic migraines, but these I can wear for a fair bit of the day before I have to take them off. They have cute bows attached to the. I bought them at Ardene’s on sale. They are very cheap on sale, under $1 each. I love how cute they are, and the femme in me loves flowers.

12. Ardell Brow Defining Kit Palette: I got this brow kit at Marshall’s on sale, but London Drugs also sells them. The kit comes with a wax pencil and a dual ended, angled and spoolie brush, but I’ve mostly been using the palette. It’s packaging is very similar to revlon palettes, with where the mirror is place and styled inside of it. It comes with a mini angled brow brush. It contains a light, cocoa coloured matte brown shade, a sparkly black shade, a matte chocolate brown shade, and a highlighting,¬†sparkly¬†shade. I mostly use the cocoa shade. It works perfectly with my brows, emphasizing them just the right amount.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my June favourites. Tell me your favourites in the comments.

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Finding Your Comfort In Bold Lips

IMG_4359IMG_4349IMG_4314 IMG_3866

This post will be about finding ways to feel comfortable wearing bold lips in one’s everyday life. This post was inspired by Amanda of amandarobots.

So, I am a huge fan of bold lipsticks. I think they can really complete a look. Whether I’m wearing a full face, or just a little blush, bold lips give every look that little something extra. I don’t wear them every day, but most days that I wear lipstick, chances are it will be bold.

Bold lipsticks can be really intimidating to wear for many. I know it’s taken me a while to get used to them. They are worn on one of the most prominent features of the face, pretty much in the centre. Even with a subtle lipstick, it will be more noticeable than many other kinds of makeup.

Bold lipsticks can be really intimidating to wear for many. I know it’s taken me a while to get used to them. When you’re first getting into bold, or just more bright lips, it’s important to start slow. One thing that can work really well is just wearing an opaque lip gloss. The idea of lipgloss just feels more simple. I wore lipgloss before lipstick when I was younger. It is a stepping stone to lipstick for many. One has more control in application of a lipgloss. The Revlon Super Lustrous lip glosses are a great option, as they are highly pigmented, opaque, and not too sticky. They do not fade either.

Another thing to consider is wearing a lip liner all over your lips. It makes a great matte option, and is easy to apply as long as you follow the lines of your lips.

Wearing a neutral toned outfit and minimal makeup can make your bold lipstick the centre of your look. This can make it so you don’t feel you’re putting yourself in the spotlight too much. Another tip is to find a formula that works for you. One that you love. Choose one that you have neutral or softer shades in, so that you can get used to the formula, and feel more comfortable in it. Then, when you are ready to bolden it up, choose a a bright version of that shade, and in that formula. It’s a way to ease yourself into that gorgeous, bold lipstick, without feeling the lipstick on your lips too much.

You want something that is non drying, possibly hydrating, and either a matte and cream finish. Those are the best for emphasizing the shade the most, and also are the longest lasting formulas. You don’t want to mess up your lipstick, as it will look messy, and possibly stain below your lips, particularly with a bold shade.

You can see some of the ways I wear bold lips, in the photos above. I take a lot of selfies, and that in itself, is a form of self care. It makes me feel better, or just even able to function, when I take a selfie. it validates my look, and myself, and how I want to express myself. Never feel ashamed for taking selfies. If people are criticizing them, that’s pretty disrespectful, especially when you’re putting yourself out there. Do it for you.

Some great bold lipstick options are matte. NYX soft matte lip creams apply wet, and dry to a matte finish. They smell like vanilla frosting, and don’t feel overly drying for at least 4 hours. They last 5-6 hours, before fading. They come with a doe foot applicator, so you can apply them like you would a lipgloss. A more pricey option are the Mac matte and retro matte lipsticks. The matte ones are creamy as far as matte lipsticks go, and slide on quite well. They last very well throughout the day. I recommend wearing a lipliner underneath them, to add staying power. The retro mattes last for hours, as they are the most matte lipsticks I have ever tried. These I also recommend wearing a lipliner with. The Revlon matte lipsticks are similar to the Mac matte ones, and they are cheaper. They are fairly creamy, though I recommend wearing a decent lip balm under them to create a more even application.

Some cream lipstick options are the Rimmel London Kate lipsticks. These are highly pigmented, opaque, and last very well through eating and drinking. They are non drying, and perfect for a starter bold lipstick. UI highly recommend them. Both NYC and Wet “N” Wild lipsticks are very pigmented, emollient type formulas, and last fairly well through eating and drinking, These do not stay within the lip lines as well, so it is advised to wear a lipliner under them. The Mac amplified cremes are my favourite lipstick formula. You simply cannot go wrong with these opaque, highly pigmented, creamy, and long lasting beauties. They leave a beautiful even stain behind.

Making sure you are feeling the lipstick on any given day is important. Go with the environment you’re in, and the mood you’re feeling. If it’s a school day, you can never go wrong with a classic, blue based, red lipstick. If you’re going to a party, try something fun, like a bright lavender, or a fuchsia pink. If you’re going out, a vampy, burgundy or purple is a great option.

Don’t push yourself to go bold, if you’re not feeling it. Try it on a day where you’re feeling good, so you feel a bit better.

Bold lipsticks can also be a form of self care. Whether I’m sitting on my bed, or going to school, I love to wear a bold lipstick. It makes me look more intense, even if I’m feeling low. There’s something very relaxing about applying lipstick carefully, and with as much precision as you can manage. If you don’t apply it perfectly. Don’t worry. You can always wipe away the excess, or draw a lip liner around your lips. Find your you in a lipstick, and use it.

Doing a bold lipstick is for you, and nobody else (unless you want it to be). It is a big thing, especially as a femme to embrace my over the top, excessive lipsticks. I used to be really nervous wearing lipstick at all, feeling “too feminine”. There is no such thing. Also, wearing makeup isn’t inherently feminine, masculine, or anything inbetween. It’s what you want it to be. I love being too much, and embracing what others look down upon. It’s for me, and that is a good thing.

I think the thing you can take away from this is find a formula you like, build up to a bold shade slowly, and do it for you.

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PCOS, what it is, self care and how I cope.

I decided to write this post because I have PCOS, it is something that I feel doesn’t get talked about enough, and hopefully it will helps some who have it, or can look into a diagnosis.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, otherwise known as PCOS, is a chronic condition that can affect one’s hormones and can cause infertility. Many people who have PCOS, have cysts on their ovaries. I won’t go too much into the symptoms as they vary greatly, but some more commons ones are infrequent menstrual cycles, weight changes, and hair growth or loss. PCOS can occur in people of all genders.

It’s important to know that what works for me, may not work for you and vice versa. of the things I do to cope with my PCOS is, when I am having issues with particularly bad cramps, putting a weighted, hot, fabric heat pack around my neck or on my stomach. It helps me relax, and relieves some of the pain for me.

I try to keep track of my menstrual cycle, so I can know when certain things will flare up.It is very infrequent, though I find I get phantom cramps (times when I’m not on my cycle, but I’m getting cramps anyway). I try to keep my doctor in the know, so she can help treat me. She recently gave me a painkiller for my cramps, which may be a viable option for some.

Self care is vital for me to feel good in myself, and to help me cope with my symptoms. I drink tea, which also helps relax me, and is a good form of self care for me. I watch netflix, to distract myself. I try out makeup looks on myself, to focus on something that makes me feel in control, even when my body is not. It also helps reaffirm my personal femme feelings and identity.

It is not always easy, and finding resources and community is a good way of finding support. Support websites and online communities can be really helpful, especially when it is not always possible to go out.

The symptoms are not always visible, which can lead to a lack of understanding and/or disbelief in the condition. I think it is important for people, as allies, to listen, not judge,support them if they want that, and to take the person at their word, instead of making obscure, unhelpful suggestions, when they don’t experience those things themselves if someone tells them they have PCOS, or any illness, chronic condition, disability, or mental illness, for that matter.

I really hope this has been helpful, and/or educational. If you have any questions, or want to talk about your personal experiences, I encourage you to share in the comments if you feel comfortable. Starting a conversation is also part of why I wrote this post.