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Review of Quo blending sponge and beauty blender dupe

I will be reviewing the Quo blending sponge today. It is a dupe for the beauty blender, at a much cheaper price. At first, I thought it was a bit silly spending so much on a makeup sponge, until I found Quo’s version. It has a rounded end, and a pointed end, and comes in at the middle. It is purple. It’s actually kind of cute looking. The beauty blender, on the other hand, comes in pink, black and white, and is round on one end and pointed on the other. The Quo version is only $5, in comparison to the upwards of $25 for the beauty blender. Honestly, I’ve watched videos, and it seems to do the same thing. Even $5 seems a lot for a sponge,but this thing actually works. It creates a somewhat airbrushed look, simply by wetting the sponge, spotting some foundation over one’s face, and bouncing the sponge all over, until everything is blended in. It definitely could replace a few makeup brushes, as the pointed end works well for applying concealer under the eyes, and around the nose. I recommend this product highly, as a beauty blender dupe, that just might replace a couple face brushes.

I used covergirl trublend liquid makeup in ivory1 for my photos in this post. Photo on 2014-05-11 at 4.46 AM #2

Photo on 2014-05-11 at 4.46 AM


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  1. I have a beauty blender and I find the super squishy, doubles-in-size-when-damp texture difficult to replicate. I just picked up the Real Techniques sponge and I’m hoping that’ll be a dupe because it’s super squishy.

    • Yeah, texture is pretty important. I’ve seen it in stores, and it looks decent. There are so many dupes now, but I just don’t like how much the original costs. I’ve also seen some other potential dupes at Marshall’s

  2. I use the Quo Blender as well and I LOVE it! Works just as well in my opinion 🙂


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