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Beauty Haul!

Photo on 2014-04-25 at 11.18 PM

Hey All! So today I explored Marshall’s, which is owned by Winners, and though I didn’t buy anything there, I saw some great stuff. Becca foundation, Chanel concealer, Deborah Lipman nail polish, and Edward Bess lipgloss were among some of the things that particularly stood out to me. I will hopefully return at some point, as I feel it’s the kind of place one needs to check out a few times before deciding what to purchase. The prices were also significantly discounted from their original prices. So I’d check it out if you’re looking for a bargain. The one downside is some of the products had been opened by people who were testing them.

I also went to Shoppers Drug Mart and Target today, and ended up getting a nice haul with some pretty decent deals. From Shopper’s, I got a 3.4 fluid ounce Marc Jacobs perfume in dot for $20, 21 with tax. This is a steep discount, as this size is normally $105 from Sephora. I’m pretty sure it was a tester, as they only had one of each of several perfumes for the same deal. Either way, it was mostly full, and I got a total bargain! Also, I’ve had a rollerball of this perfume for quite a while, so I knew I’d like the scent and wear it often. I also got two nail polishes from Shopper’s in the two for one deal I mentioned in an earlier post. I got two Maybelline Colorshow nail polishes, in 165 lust for lilac, and 021 neutral statement. The former is a pink toned, blue based lilac that I think will match my Mac Saint Germain lipstick quite well. The latter is a beige cream colour. This was a great deal, as nail polish can be quite expensive.

From Target, I bought the Revlon new complexion one-step compact makeup in ivory 01 beige. It’s a cream to powder foundation with spf 15 that I will be reviewing in the future, so keep posted for that update. It was a slightly cheaper price than what some drugstores are selling it for. I also got an NYC lipstick in mahogany for $1.99, that is a gorgeous, vampy, ┬áburgundy colour. NYC is a great option for cheap lipstick, that is highly pigmented and minimally moisturizing. I’m pretty sure the Wet N Wild brand uses the same formula, as I’ve tried both, but I can’t be 100% on that.

Overall, I’m very happy with my purchases, and will be doing reviews of them in the near future. If you have any questions, or have a suggestion for a product I should review, please leave a comment below. ­čÖé


Revlon coral reef cream blush review

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Revlon coral reef blush is a bright coral toned cream blush. It comes in a small tub, but one does not need a lot of product to amp up this look. It works as both a blush, and a lipstick. It is surprisingly moisturizing on the lips. It can be used to slightly flush out the cheeks, or for contouring. I recommend this blush as a budget friendly alternative to some of the higher end cream blushes that do the same job, though I do think revlon’s take is more pigmented than others I’ve tried. Multitasking products such as this are a great cosmetic bag ┬áspace saver. Overall, I recommend this blush as an affordable alternative, with multitasking capabilities.

beyond perfect protein colour in red awakening by sally hansen review

Photo on 2014-04-23 at 11.32 AM

Hey All! I figured since I’m going to theshoppers nail polish event on friday, I might as well review a polish of my own. Today I’ll be reviewing the beyond perfect protein colour in red awakening by sally hansen. It’s a beautiful, rich red with yellow undertones. It’s a classic choice, that works for any occasion. Although, I do like intense nails when I do mine. It only requires one coat, yet still gives a smooth, glossy finish. I’m not sure if it’s the proteins in the product as the name implies, but either way, it’s a high quality, versatile polish. I’ve only worn this polish for three days, but so far it’s holding up extremely well, especially since I’m pretty rough on my nails. Overall, I recommend this polish for anyone who wants a classic, versatile polish with a long lasting finish.

Shoppers drug mart nail polish event

So there’s a Shopper drug mart nail polish event happening this friday, april 25th from 5pm to 8pm. It’s a buy 1 get 1 free deal. I’m definitely going to check out this deal, as Shoppers has a pretty decent selection of nail polish. Nail polish can be pretty pricey per bottle so this is a great deal if you’re into nail polish.

Here’s the link to the coupon for the deal:

Mac please me matte lipstick review

Hey All!
For my first review, I thought I’d delve into my lipstick collection, and pull out a classic that’s been getting quite a bit of use lately. The Mac please me matte lipstick is a rather creamy formula, as far as matte lipsticks go. I find particularly with mac, that they tend to be quite drying. Please me is definitely an exception to the rule. It is a baby pink nude colour. One coat is enough for this versatile lipstick. It works perfectly for the spring and summer as that little something extra that brightens up the face without overpowering the rest of the look. It is extremely wearable, and is definitely a staple in my collection. It is vanilla scented as are all Mac lip products.

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First post on beyondbeautyblogger!

I’m so excited to be writing my first post for you all! I’ve gotten quite into cosmetics over the past couple years, taking photos, reviewing products in my head, and exploring the best deals. I’ve also explored the idea of cosmetics as a form of self care and self love. ┬áA few friends have said I’d make a decent beauty blogger so I thought I’d give it a try! I’m hoping that this can be a learning experience for all of us ┬áto explore our love of cosmetics. I will be doing reviews, posting selfies of my looks, and talking about the general beauty blogging world.